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Охлократ Время бывает жестоким.(12 марта 00:58)

Окна Окна Окна боялись выглядывать на улицу. Белый туман закрывал глаза. Старая площадь напоминала му(12 марта 00:56)

Отражение Отражение Наступишь на зеркало и увидишь картину. Возникнет счастливый и неожиданный образ. Дотр(12 марта 00:53)

"Нгуен-муен" из цикла "Фестиваль "Три слона" "Нгуен-муен" из цикла "Фестиваль "Три слона". Аудио, юмор, читает автор Сергей Шиповник.(02 февраля 05:47)




Advertising on Radio “RussianTown”

Radio RussianTown began broadcasting on November 1, 2005.  It was the first Internet radio station in Russian in Atlanta.

What does Radio RussianTown mean for you?  It means that, while working and using the Internet at your office or home, you will receive twice as much information, because Radio “RussianTown” offers convenient variants of signal uploading: both for high-speed Internet and for dial-up.

Radio RussianTown has been set up for people like you who value their time.  Radio RussianTown provides information on an around-the-clock basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We know that timeliness is the most important factor in our age of information, as well as a sign of the modern rhythms in the life of a big city.  That so-important timeliness is what you get from Radio RussianTown.

How important is Radio RussianTown for the Russian-speaking population of America?  It is tremendously important.  For the Russian-speaking population of America – that is, for the people who were born and grew up in the USSR – it is natural to live in an environment of Russian speech, familiar Russian music (including the domestic hits of past years), and other elements of Russian culture.
    It’s not the song that provides music for your soul; it is what you feel when listening to the song.  On the waves of Radio RussianTown you will always hear something that will not leave you indifferent because it will always find the response in your soul.

    Radio RussianTown employs a team of highly professional authors, editors, sound producers, journalists, and leading DJs.
    Here is what you can find on Radio RussianTown:
    The best music from Russian movies of today and yesterday;
    Russian light music and popular hits of past years;
    Modern hits of world music;
    Interviews with the most popular figures in politics, business and culture;
    Announcements of upcoming concerts of popular musicians and actors;
    Lotto, tests, quizzes, jokes, and much more.

    And here is what you will never find on Radio RussianTown: boredom, despondency and other negative emotions.  We are working to give you the pleasure of working easier and living more cheerfully.